Stinger Side Car

Stinger Side Car

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The Stinger Can-Am Cruiser Combo effortlessly hauls a Can-Am or a full-size motorcycle. With 114.5” of usable bed length and a 66 ¾ wide tailgate, you have plenty of space to load your motorcycle of choice. The radial tires work with your bikes suspension to ensure a smooth, safe ride. All Stinger Motorcycle Trailers are powder coated to ensure a long-lasting finish, feature LED tail lights, and an adjustable chock to suit your motorcycle.

Stinger Motorcycle Trailers knows your space is valuable, which is why our trailers stand upright once folded. The compact design allows you to have a full-size trailer while using minimum storage space. By simply removing the pins, the Stinger folds out to a full-size motorcycle trailer in no time. Folding and unfolding the trailer should be done with two people but loading the trailer can be done with a single person. These trailers ship complete so there is no assembly required, just unfold and go! Stingers have the coolest features on the market incorporated into a folding trailer. Start your Stinger Story today.





Stinger Side Car – Specifications

Capacity: 1 Side Car Motorcycle
• Color: Black
Weight Capacity: 2500lbs
Folded Upright Position: (W x D x H) 88”x27”x59”
Unfolded Measurements (L x W): 169”x 88”
Usable Track Length: 114”
• Space Between Fenders: 71”
• Outside of Track to Outside of Track: 56.5”
• Inside of Track to Inside of Track: 35”
• Center to Center of Track: 46”
Uses 2″ Ball
• All lighting is LED
• Powder Coated for a long-lasting finish
Tires load range C 12″ Radial Tires
• Six pins insert and secure the hinged portions of the trailer.
• Fenders and Wheel Stop are standard equipment.
• One rider can safely load and secure the tie-downs.
The pneumatic characteristics of the 12″ Radial tires and the suspension of the bike itself provide for a safe smooth ride.
3500lb axle with EZ-Lube® Hubs
• Rated for 80 mph extended freeway use


STINGER SIDE CAR  – Owners Manual and Warranty (PDF)





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