Stinger for a Can Am Spyder

Stinger for a Can Am Spyder

USD 2,799.00

Hey… I’ve got a Stinger, and it is everything the magazines say. It is so stable and smooth, it is easy to forget the bike is even back there. I used it to move up to Myrtle Beach, SC from Key West, and trailered my V-Rod with it. It folds up nicely, fits right in the bed of my Ford Ranger, when I’m transporting it without the bike. 2 people can lift it without much trouble. It has exceeded my expectations. I definitely recommend it.




Stinger for a Can Am Spyder – Specifications

• Capacity: 1 Can Am Spyder
• Color: Black
• Weight: 555 lbs.
• Stored in Standard upright postion : Width: 24″/ Length:90″ / Height: 60″
• Powder Coated for a long lasting finish
• Tires load range C 13″ Chrome Radial Tires
• The trailers design allows 2 people to fold it up
lift the hitch assembly and tongue with a single motion.
• The trailer unfolds to fully extended length.
• Six pins insert and secure the hinged portions of the trailer.
• Fenders and Wheel Stop are standard equipment.
• One rider can safely load a Spyder and secure the tie-downs.
• The pneumatic characteristics of the 13″ Radial tires and the suspension of the Spyder itself provide for a safe smooth ride.
• 3500 lb axle with Sure-Lube® Bearings
• Weight Capacity: 1771 lbs.
• 2″ Ball Compatible
• Rated for 80 mph extended freeway use

can am specs new

can am specs new 1

STINGER for a Can Am Spyder  – Owners Manual and Warranty (PDF)



  • Can Am Spyder Vaction from Snow to Sand
    Can Am Spyder Vaction from Snow to Sand

  • Stinger Can Am
    Stinger Can Am Spyder Folding Trailer

  • Can Am Introduction Video and Specs
    Video Of our new Can AM Spyder Trailer

  • Can Am Video
    Video Of our new Can AM Spyder Trailer

  • Harley on Stinger
    Stinger commercial with Harley on Stinger

  • 360 View of stinger
    360 View of stinger trailer

  • Loading Stinger
    Showing a Ducati being loaded on to the stinger trailer

  • Condor Chock
    Showing Bike loading into Stinger’s condor wheel chock

  • Harley on a Stinger
    Harley loaded onto a Stinger Trailer

  • Stinger all around view
    Video showing all around view of the Stinger trailer

  • Stinger

  • Stinger

  • Condor Chock

  • Stinger Motorsports Trailers
    Line Up Overview New September 2017


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