Stinger Folding Trailer XL 112

Stinger Folding Trailer XL 112

Stinger Folding Trailer XL 112

USD 2,599.00

Now introducing the latest STINGER, we present the XL 112. It is everything a motorcycle trailer aspires to be. Sporting 40-inches between fenders, it allows even full-sized motorcycles to load with ease. The STINGER XL 112 features an adjustable front V-Stop for even distribution of tongue weight as well as high pressure radial tires. The trailer is powder coated to last, and stands up once folded for easy storage and maneuvering. The pneumatic characteristics of the 12″ rim with radial tires, and the suspension of the motorcycle itself helps provide a safe, smooth ride.

STINGER Motorcycle Trailers takes up less room than other folding trailers. It compacts for easy storage, using approximately the same space as a push lawn mower. By removing three pins, the STINGER folds out to a full-size motorcycle trailer in no time. Folding, unfolding and loading the trailer can all be done with a single person. It ships complete with a built-in wheel chock and running boards. STINGERS have the coolest features on the market incorporated into a folding trailer, making it is easy to see what all the hype is about!

$2,599.00 Includes:

  • Stinger XL 112
  • Spare Tire
  • Tie Down Kit
  • 2 Rubber Floor Chocks
  • Custom Built Chock
  • Free Shipping!



Stinger XL 112 Folding Motorcycle Trailer – Specifications

XL 112 Specs

• Capacity: 1 Motorcycle up to 112” long (when trailer is fully extended)

• Color: Black

• Weight: 320 lbs

• Weight Capacity: 2670lbs

• Folded Measurements (W x D x H) : 54.25”x 27”x 49”

• Unfolded Measurements (L x W) : 141.5”(112” usable) x 54.25”

• Stands up for compact storage

• 40 inches of pass through between fenders

• Powder Coated for a long lasting finish

• Tires are 21.5” in diameter on a 12” Rim, Tire itself is 145/R12 LRE RTrl RH TL 12X4 5/4.5 Tracker SilvCC F532

• Design allows one person to assemble or fold for storage

• Simple to fold and assemble with using 3 pins

• Fenders and Custom Built Chock are standard equipment

• Footboards included

• One rider can safely load a motorcycle and secure the tie-downs.

• 3500 lb axle with Sure-Lube® Bearings and Hubs

• 2″ Ball Compatible

• Rated for 80 mph extended freeway use

• This trailer meets or exceeds all US and Canadian trailer manufacturer requirements

STINGER XL 112  – Owners Manual and Warranty (PDF)


  • Stinger XL112

  • XL 112 Specs

  • XL 112 Specs Folded

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  • StingerXL 112 Measurements
    Sporting 40-Inches Between the Fenders

  • Stinger XL 112
    Stinger XL 112 Facebook Commercial

  • Stinger XL 112 Promotion
    Check out the all new Stinger XL 112

  • Stinger XL 112
    Video demonstrates the Stinger XL 112

  • Stinger XL112 Folding Trailer Story
    Loading and Pulling your Bike on a Stinger XL112 Video

  • Proper Loading/Tie Down
    Video demonstrates the proper loading and tying down of a bike on a stinger motorcycle trailer.

  • Grease Hubs
    Demonstration of the proper way to grease the bearings on your stinger trailer.

  • 360 View of stinger

    360 View of stinger trailer

  • Loading Stinger
    Showing a Ducati being loaded on to the stinger trailer

  • Condor Chock
    Showing Bike loading into Stinger’s condor wheel chock

  • Harley on a Stinger
    Harley loaded onto a Stinger Trailer

  • Stinger all around view
    Video showing all around view of the Stinger trailer

  • Stinger

  • Stinger

  • Condor Chock
    Showing Bike loading into Stinger’s condor wheel chock

  • Harley on Stinger
    Stinger commercial with Harley on Stinger

  • Stinger Motorsports Trailers
    Line Up Overview New September 2017


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