Stinger Folding Trailer (Includes:Spare Tire, Running Boards and Delivery!!!)


Stinger Folding Trailer (Includes:Spare Tire, Running Boards and Delivery!!!)

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USD 1,999.00

Hey… I’ve got a Stinger, and it is everything the magazines say. It is so stable and smooth, it is easy to forget the bike is even back there. I used it to move up to Myrtle Beach, SC from Key West, and trailered my V-Rod with it. It folds up nicely, fits right in the bed of my Ford Ranger, when I’m transporting it without the bike. 2 people can lift it without much trouble. It has exceeded my expectations. I definitely recommend it.




Stinger Folding Motorcycle Trailer – Specifications


left side dim
rear dim
• Capacity: 1 bike
• Color: Black
• Weight: 279 lbs.
• Folded Footprint Measures: Width: 57″/ Length: 54″/ Height: 27″
• Powder Coated for a long lasting finish
• Tires load range C 8″ Rim / 18″Diameter / 6″Wide

• The stinger’s design allows one person to simply
lift the hitch assembly and tongue with a single motion.
• The trailer unfolds to fully extended length.
• Three pins insert and secure the hinged portions of the trailer.
• Fenders and Condor Wheel Chock are standard equipment.
• One rider can safely load a motorcycle and secure the tie-downs.
• The pneumatic characteristics of the 6 PLY tires and the suspension of the motorcycle itself provide for a safe smooth ride.
• 3500 lb axle with Sure-Lube® Bearings
• Weight Capacity: 1771 lbs.
• Rated for 70 mph extended freeway use

STINGER – Owners Manual and Warranty (PDF)



  • Unwrapping Stinger Skid
    Video demonstrates the proper unwrapping of Stinger Trailer from Freight Skid

  • Proper Loading/Tie Down
    Video demonstrates the proper loading and tying down of a bike on a stinger motorcycle trailer.

  • Grease Hubs
    Demonstration of the proper way to grease the bearings on your stinger trailer.

  • Harley on Stinger
    Stinger commercial with Harley on Stinger

  • 360 View of stinger

    360 View of stinger trailer

  • Loading Stinger
    Showing a Ducati being loaded on to the stinger trailer

  • Condor Chock
    Showing Bike loading into Stinger’s condor wheel chock

  • Harley on a Stinger
    Harley loaded onto a Stinger Trailer

  • Stinger all around view
    Video showing all around view of the Stinger trailer

  • Stinger

  • Stinger

  • Condor Chock
    Showing Bike loading into Stinger’s condor wheel chock

1 review for Stinger Folding Trailer (Includes:Spare Tire, Running Boards and Delivery!!!)

  1. 5 out of 5


    Just received my new Stinger trailer today to haul my ’15 BMW R1200GS Adventure around to dual sport events. Wanted the security of having a trailer when taking my big tank for off-road adventures. Peace of mind of having a safe way to get back home should I or the machine get hurt is a good feeling, plus the added benefits on not chewing up a set of knobbie tires getting to and from the event is big plus. The BMW R1200GS sits high when loaded trailer but using the 4 tie down points secures it good and tight to the trailer. Wish trailer connection pin on the Stinger had a security lock when attached to the trailer hitch so I could free better about leaving the trailer attached to my tow vehicle when park in the remote wooded areas I will be often riding and using my Stinger trailer. For now, I will just use my wheel lock and cable lock for peace of mind.

    First time loading my bike on the trailer I was little nervous since I sit so high on the bike and my feet barely touch the ground. The running boards really helped me here, as soon as I got both wheels up on the trailer ramp my feet just started to touch the running boards and I was able to get my balance from side to side again. Getting off the bike while front tire was locked in Condor wheel chock was very slow as it felt like my bike would have fell off the trailer when trying to stand on one side of the pegs and getting off bike like I normally do. Again the running boards to the rescue here as I was able to shift my weight to one foot on the boards while still sitting, and then slowing slide my opposite leg over the seat. Bike moved just a small amount but didn’t feel like it was going to fall over using this technique. Once off the bike and holding the handlebars I was able to re-balance the bike on the trailer to step off the trailer and get it tied down securely.

    Storage of the Stinger in my garage was really, really nice! Able to fold the trailer closed on my own the very first time and roll it into my garage and stand it up against the wall. I would recommend this step as a two man job though for most. Myself being 250 lbs and strong enough to lift my body weight over my head lets me move very heavy objects around easier than most. One of the reasons why I ride the R1200GS as it can move someone of my size around very easy too! I’m sure with proper maintenance, I will enjoy having the Stinger for my many, many riding trips through out the year.

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