Stinger Single Bike Strap Kit

Stinger Single Bike Strap Kit

USD 149.98

Looking for a hassle free, easy to use tie down system for your bike?

This is it.

The “Shock Straps” are used for securing the rear of the bike, they allow the bike to ride smoothly with the rubber sections absorbing the bumps of the road without the danger of losing straps due to compression of the rear bike shocks. This also allows for the rear shocks not having to be strapped down so far as to stress the shocks by being compressed so far to eliminate this travel.

We first saw these straps in October of 2015 at the Aim Bike show in Orlando and thought “These are the best straps we have ever seen!”  We were right.   We have been using them on our own bikes ever since we returned, and are sold on them. For holding down the rear of you bike there is no better unit.


The “Erickson short straps” allow you to tie your bike down easily in tight spaces where a compact strap length is needed.  The base hook is attached directly to the retracting mechanism so you’re subtracting that extra lead strap that is usually sewn to the ratchet.

When securing your Bike to any trailer it is best if you can tie down your front tire below the shocks.

This allows your bike to use its own suspension when being transported and no trailer in the world has a suspension system that can match up to your bike like the one engineered specifically for the weight and size of your ride.  Jump up and down on a standard trailer you will find very little movement if any.  All you have to do is lean on your bike and you can feel the suspension working.

The “Soft Straps” that come with this kit are sewn specifically for this application, they are soft and will not damage your bike

Everything is included in this kit to safely tie down your bike securely and quickly, on a stinger or any other type of trailer please see the tie down video that shows the use of the straps on this website

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Stinger Single Bike Strap Kit


  • Proper Loading/Tie Down
    Video demonstrates the proper loading and tying down of a bike on a stinger motorcycle trailer.


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