Stinger for Trike

Stinger for Trike

USD 2,799.00

The STINGER for Trike has the towing capacity you need to haul your Trike without using all your storage space. The upright position makes maneuvering a breeze. With 72.5” of pass through space between fenders, you will be loading your trike with ease. Our Stinger Motorcycle Trailers are powder coated for a long-lasting finish. The pneumatic characteristics of the 13″ rim with radial tires, and the suspension of the motorcycle itself helps provide a safe, smooth ride.

 Stinger Motorcycle Trailers takes up less room than other trailers by not only folding, but standing upright as well. The compact design allows you to have a full-size trailer while using minimum storage space. By simply removing the pins, the Stinger folds out to a full-size motorcycle trailer in no time. Folding and unfolding the trailer should be done with two people but loading the trailer can be done with a single person. These trailers ship complete so there is no assembly required, just unfold and go! Stingers have the coolest features on the market incorporated into a folding trailer, making it is easy to see what all the hype is about!

$2,799 Includes:

Stinger for Trike
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Stinger Trike Folding Motorcycle Trailer – Specifications

Unfolded Specs Pic

Folded Specs Pic

Capacity: 1 Trike

Color: Black

Weight: 510 lbs

Weight Capacity: 2480 lbs

Folded Standing Measurements (L x W x H) : 88”x29”x55”

Unfolded Measurements (L x W) : 124”x 88”

72.5” between fenders for pass through

Powder Coated for a long-lasting finish

13” Radial Tires

Design allows two people to assemble or fold for storage

Simple to fold and assemble with using 6 pins

Tongue Jack Included

One rider can safely load a motorcycle and secure the tie-downs.

3500 lb axle with Sure-Lube® Bearing

Tires rated for 80 mph extended freeway use

This trailer meets or exceeds all US and Canadian trailer manufacturer requirements

Stinger For Trike Owners Manual & Warranty Information


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  • Twin Cruiser Specs Folded

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  • Stinger for Trike
    Stinger for Trike Video Commercial

  • Stinger for Trike
    Haul your Trike anywhere!

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    Stinger commercial with Harley on Stinger

  • 360 View of stinger

    360 View of stinger trailer

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    Showing a Ducati being loaded on to the stinger trailer

  • Condor Chock
    Showing Bike loading into Stinger’s condor wheel chock

  • Harley on a Stinger
    Harley loaded onto a Stinger Trailer

  • Stinger all around view
    Video showing all around view of the Stinger trailer

  • Stinger

  • Stinger

  • Condor Chock
    Showing Bike loading into Stinger’s condor wheel chock

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    Line Up Overview New September 2017


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